Wichard Offshore Single Blade + Shackle Key FLURO Knife

$41.97 (excl. tax) $46.17 (incl. tax)
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Designed for sailing and for highly demanding skippers, the «Offshore» knife offers a range of essential functions on-board a boat: Cutting quality, night visibility, locking blade, one-handed opening, corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance...

Its serrated blade enables you to easily cut all types of modern ropes including Dyneema®. The shackle opener - marlinspike version is also a vital tool on-board a sailing boat. Each Offshore knife is equipped with an adjustable wrist strap to avoid losing your knife when using it.

Stainless steel blade with treatment for an outstanding corrosion resistancen

Remarkable cutting power

Single hand opening

Glows in the dark

Safety locking blade

Serrated blade

Soft grip

Fastening point for wrist loop


shackle key - spike