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  • Marlow Excel Control (Blue)

    Marlow Excel Control (per m)

    Regular Price: $2.70

    Special Price: $2.30

    4mm Diameter. Excel Control - Twisted polypropylene core | Polyester & Technora® cover
  • Atlas 451 Gloves

    Atlas 451 Gloves

    Atlas 451 Gloves - Grey and Warm
  • Atlas 300 Gloves

    Atlas 300 Gloves

    Atlas 300 Gloves - Blue, slim, and grippy
  • Gill Junior Wetsuit Shorts

    Gill Junior Wetsuit Shorts

    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price: $69.00

    The Gill Junior Wetsuit Shorts offer a great combination of warmth and cushioning.
  • Gill Wetsuit Trousers

    Gill Junior Wetsuit Trousers

    Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price: $95.00

    Gill Junior Wetsuit Trousers... high stretch for max flex
  • Gill Junior Long John Wetsuit

    Gill Junior Long John Wetsuit

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price: $140.00

    Gill Long John Wetsuit - Great for hiking without crack peeping
  • Moth Hiking Straps

    Moth Hiking Straps

    Regular Price: $180.00

    Special Price: $153.00

    Lightweight carbon hiking straps for the Moth.
  • Zhik T2 Harness

    Zhik T2 Harness

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $239.20

    Nappy style trapeze harness with adjustable velcro sides. Neoprene crotch gives comfort while kevlar rear panel adds durability.
  • Zhik MicroFleece Skiff Suit

    Zhik MicroFleece Skiff Suit

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $240.00

    The skiff suit range in ZhikSkin MicroFleece have proven to be a big winner and is becoming an increasingly popular choice compared to the traditional heavy neoprenes.
  • Atomik Mach2 Adjustable Wand

    Atomik Mach2 Adjustable Wand

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $320.00

    Atomik Mach2 Adjustable Wand- works at getting you downwind when it hurts
  • EasyRigging PBO Moth Shrouds

    EasyRigging PBO Moth Shrouds

    Regular Price: $480.00

    Special Price: $410.00

    EasyRigging PBO Moth Shrouds - light and easy
  • Velocitek ProStart

    Velocitek ProStart - With free Mast Bracket valued at $66

    Velocitek Prostart - With free Mast Bracket valued at $66 - The best distance-to-line tool ever. Speed, Heading, GPS.

    The ProStart is specifically designed, from the ground up, to give you the easiest, most accurate distance to line measurements ever.
  • Velocitek Shift

    Velocitek Shift With free Bracket valued at $89

    The Velocitek Shift (With free Bracket valued at $89) is the most advanced portable compass on the market today and features a solar-powered, nine-axis solid-state sensor that tracks the orientation of your boat in three dimensions, making for a more accurate and rapid reading.

    The Shift features 1.5-inch numbers on a clean display, meaning that your compass numbers will always be easy to see.

    The feature that separates the Shift from other compasses on the market is the ability to quickly record port and starboard headings, with lifts and headers indicated on the display.